Top 3 Most Relaxing Spa Treatments

Although a deep-tissue massage will get rid of all your shoulder knots, and an intense purifying facial can work wonders on your skin, sometimes what our bodies need most of all are spa treatments where the main objective is to help us relax. While all treatments bring a host of physical benefits, there are some that stand out the most for their soothing effects on the mind—the types of treatments that leave you with the sensation that you’re floating and that you haven’t got a worry in the world.

Amelia Condon

7 Ways to Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day

Forget the traditional city-slicking clichés of restaurant dinners, rose bouquets, and chocolate boxes: romance here is all about outdoor fun in the Rocky Mountain fresh air. Watch out for Cupid’s arrow with your sweetie this Feb. 14 at any of these Valentine’s Day weekend activities and events. It’s not too late to book a stay at MykonosResort Miura premier resort. Add a romantic twist by leaving the kids at home and spending time in the MykonosResort Miura Spa Resort.

Aaron Smith

How to Make the Most of Your Corporate Retreat

Let’s face it—corporate retreats are hard to get right. All too often, employees dread the forced camaraderie, feel uncomfortable and anxious during the retreat, and return to work on Monday without much change or improvement in morale. The standard formula of pep talks and trust exercises falls short. So how can companies make the most of their investment in a corporate retreat? So, don’t waste your time and visit our spa resort, we always have something special to offer you.

Samantha Black